Surviving Breast Cancer, Pregnancy & A Half Marathon

June 13th marks a special day for our friend Elizabeth Brock! It’s her “Cancerversary!” What that means is that Elizabeth is celebrating kicking cancer’s butt and is cancer-free! A joyous day indeed.

We had the opportunity to hear about Elizabeth’s survivor story through our running community. Elizabeth and her family were gracious enough to let us follow her as she took on another challenge and began training for her first half marathon, the Nashville half marathon. She kicked the half marathon’s butt, too! This is something she never though she would overcome.

Watch this inspirational video as Elizabeth shares her personal challenges and inspirations from being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemo treatments – all while pregnant. Yes, just shortly after finding getting the news that she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she found out she was expecting. Hear all about it in the video we put together!

Her brave breast cancer fight and battle introduced her to a mentality that could overcome anything, including running the 2015 Nashville half marathon.

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