Hi! I’m the Liability. I started running when I was in high school because, basically, I was too small for football. My first three-mile cross country race I finished in 38 minutes. Far from impressive. My next cross country race I ran in a little over 18 minutes and decided I wanted to be faster and eventually fell in love with running. I liked that it was a constant challenge and you can always change your goals based on where you’re at with your running.

After high school and a couple of cross country seasons at the University of Memphis I may have taken a bit of a break from running. Throughout my 20s I would take a couple of years off, gain 20 lbs and run for six months to lose the weight. Then stop again.

It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I wanted to be more consistent with my running and become more involved with the running community. In the spring of 2013 I began working for Breakaway and have never felt like i have worked a day since. Being deeply involved with the running community has been awesome. My life is now running. From the time I wake up and go to bed I am in some way doing something running related and love it! A true running nerd.

Currently I am focusing on just getting faster. From 5k to the marathon. I love racing all distances for different reasons. A marathon can be grueling but a 5k can have that searing pain element to it. I don’t hold one distance superior to the other because properly run, a 5k can be more painful than a marathon.

I think the key to continuous improvement is consistency and it’s only taken me 17 years to learn! My running idol I would have to say is the late Bill Bowerman of the University of Oregon. He was one of the first American coaches to emphasize smart training as opposed to hard training. The whole easy days easy and hard days hard philosophy. I’ll finish with my favorite Bowerman quote:

Take a primitive organism, say a freshman. Make it lift, or jump or run. Let it rest. What happens? A little miracle. It gets a little better. It gets a little stronger or faster or more enduring. That’s all training is. Stress. Recover. Improve. You’d think any damn fool could do it. But you don’t. You work too hard and rest too little and get hurt. Bill Bowerman