Barry Roberson, also known as “BR” was born in 1958 and is the owner of Breakaway Running. He has played and enjoyed sports all of his life including running, baseball, football, basketball, soccer and tennis. He began running in 1971 and discovered a great love for it as well as running shoes. This passion has led him to work at various athletic footwear stores including Phidippides, the Athletes’s Foot, and Wimbledon Sportshop until being hired as manager and opening Breakaway Athletics in 1981. He also spent a while working for Brooks Running Shoes as a sales rep somewhere in there. Now we are lucky and proud to call him the owner of Breakaway Running.

He currently enjoys running in the trails and woods and leading the beginner walking and running programs at Breakaway. One of his biggest passions is promoting running and fitness, as well as putting on local races, training groups and encouraging runners. He is fortunate enough to have married a great woman, Lorie, in 1983 who puts up with him. He has three great children who he is immensely proud of. Sarah, Lindsay and Bryan, who are now each very successful adults who spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to keep their father out of trouble. Son-in-law Chris and girlfriend-in-law Jessica also provide valuable assistance in the aforementioned effort. Bryan has the great fortune to babysit his father on a daily basis. BR considers himself to extremely lucky to have the good fortune to have a great family and many good friends and be able to be around the great community of Memphis runners every day.

Key training advice learned: Just Run
Key business advice learned: Work Hard
Key random advice: Be Happy (beer helps)