Os1st Compression Sleeve Therapy | Product Review

So you’ve just started running, or you’re training for your first marathon…or your tenth, trying to run your fastest 5k or walk your first mile, you may have increased your weekly mileage by 35% this week or you haven’t taken an off day in 4 months. So what do all these scenarios have in common? Being a part of a tremendous run on sentence? Yes! Also, they are all causes for overuse injuries that seem to nag all of us in the running community. That is why we, at Breakaway Running, are excited to tell you about one of our compression sleeve therapy products offered by OS1st.

What is OS1st?

OS1st is a line of medical grade compression sleeves/therapy products for runners and athletes. First of all, let me say this, recovery (time off) is one of THE most important elements to any training program. This is the time when your body repairs itself and gets stronger from all those hard miles you’ve been putting in. The importance of rest and recovery time cannot be overstated. Slapping some sort of brace or wrap over a problem area is not going to fix it. Rest, core work, strength training and targeting those deficiencies that lead to these injuries are the only way to correct them. That being said, OS1st does have some great products to help you work through these issues whilst you work on the balancing act of consistent training and staying healthy.

First, let’s take a look at the key features of the OS1st line

  • Medical Grade 20-30mmHg increases blood flow, reduces swelling and recovery time
  • Moisture wicking ultra-light micro-fiber nylon for healthier skin & temperature control
  • Made on high-tech 400 needle medical compression machines which make the product
    thinner, more comfortable
  • Ensures correct gradient compression & control of Compression Zone Technology Sized by circumference for the perfect fit & correct compression
  • Designed to move with you during activity and can be worn all day comfortably without adjusting
  • Yarn-dyed for 100% colorfastness
  • Products, factory & ING Source are FDA registered & approved

os1st compression sleevesThese are all great features, but what’s most important about the OS1st products to many wearers are the middle four. Moisture wicking is great for the Memphis heat and humidity. The higher needle count makes for a softer, more comfortable wear while allowing the fabric to be stitched with a graduated compression (we’ll get to this). Also, this product has a medical grade compression rating in all it’s products (we’ll also get to this). The product also has a great feel during activity and causes little to no friction on the skin.

Compression Rating and Graduated Compression

Now let’s tackle the subjects of compression rating and graduated compression. A garment’s compression rating is a measurement of pressure in the garment’s fabric and is represented as millimeters of mercury. Let’s not go crazy here. What we need to know is this: the higher the number, the more compression it offers.

  • Light compression is 8-15 mmHg (millimeters of mercury)
  • Moderate compression is 15-20 mmHg
  • Firm compression is 20-30 mmHg
  • Graduated compression or zoned compression has various compression ratings stitched into one garment with the firmer compression zones targeting the problem areas

Here are the products we now carry at Breakaway Running and the associated problems they can help alleviate symptoms from.

performance foot compression sleeveOS1st Performance Foot Compression Sleeve:

What injuries does a foot compression sleeve help?Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, swollen feet, arch pain, and heel pain

Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, swollen feet, arch pain, and heel pain

The compression stockings made for your foot relieves pain from plantar fasciitis by gently lifting and stretching the fascia. It uses six different zones of compression to achieve this. Also, the zoned compression allows a more targeted compression near the Achilles’ tendon insertion, relieving heel pain which is often associated with Achilles tendinitis but can also be associated with plantar fasciitis. The six zones of compression can also help reduce swelling of the feet and aid in recovery.
You can wear the Performance Foot Sleeve day or night and it fits comfortably under your favorite running socks because it uses a soft, moisture wicking fabric. This softer wicking fabric makes this product great for walking and running. It uses two measurements to determine size, both foot size, and arch circumference. Insider’s recommendation, always go for the larger measurement of the two. For example, if your foot measures in the small range and your arch measures medium, go with the medium-sized compression. This is one of the best selling products for plantar fasciitis and is very effective in reducing arch pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

os1st performance foot and calf sleeveOS1st Performance Foot & Calf Compression Sleeve:

What injuries does a foot and calf compression sleeve help?Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, heel/arch pain, shin splints, leg cramps

Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, heel/arch pain, shin splints, and leg cramps

The foot and calf compression sleeve relieves many of the same issues that the foot sleeve does but adds additional compression for the calf and shins. It offers the same 6 zones of compression for the foot but also offers 5 more additional zones for the calf and shins. This additional compression helps with shin splintsand lower leg cramps. It’s is also a great product to wear during activity and afterward to improve circulation to help speed recovery. Also, it helps supports muscle stability, it has added ortho-support and helps with venous insufficiency (by improving circulation).

From personal experience, the targeted Achilles compression feels amazing. So if you’re suffering from Achilles tendinitis, this product would be a great investment to help support from the heel up to the calf. The foot & calf sleeve uses three measurements as well for sizing. Using arch, ankle and calf circumference. As with the foot sleeve, I would advise you to go with the largest size range of the three. Going too small in the foot to accommodate the calf could lead to discomfort in the foot while running. Trust me. I’ve made this mistake. The larger size still had great compression in the smaller areas but didn’t feel too snug in the other areas.

patella tendin compression sleevesOS1st Performance Patella Compression Sleeve:

What injuries does the performance patella compression sleeve help?

Arthritis, Runners Knee, Jumpers Knee, and Patellar tendinitis

The Performance Patella Sleeve provides compression below the knee on the patellar tendon to help relieve pain from patellar tendinitis by improving patella tracking (movement). Also, the compression helps relieve knee pain and swelling, it is easy on and is shaped to fit the targeted area, made from soft moisture wicking fabric, and can be worn during walking or running for extra protection. It is designed to support and stabilize the patella while increasing muscle stability and helps improve circulation. We have found that by having more size options, it creates a more custom fit and feel than other patellar one size fits most straps on the market.

performance quad compression sleeveOS1st Performance Quad Compression Sleeve:

What injuries does the performance quad compression sleeve help?

ITBS, quad strains, hamstring weakness, and leg fatigue

This product is an all-in-one quad and ITB (Iliotibial band or IT band) brace, which helps to relieve the Iliotibial band syndrome and eases quad pain by giving targeted compression with a built in ITB brace above the knee. Also, the Performance Quad Sleeve compresses the quad nicely and has a hamstring zone of compression as well. This is nice for tired legs or strained quads and hamstrings. The 4 zones of compression help support and stabilize the quad and hamstring while boosting circulation. The OS1st Performance Quad Sleeve has a nice, easy on fit, made from a soft moisture wicking fabric and wears comfortably under apparel while exercising or all day. As with all OS1st products, this product comes in 5 different sizes based on quad circumference and the employees at Breakaway Running can help get you in the right size.

knee compression sleeveOS1st Performance Knee Compression Sleeve:

What injuries does the performance knee compression sleeve help?

Arthritis, runner’s knee, ITBS, and Patella tendinitis

Relieves patellar tendinitis, eases knee pain, and reduces swelling

The Performance Knee Sleeve is a great product for anyone who is suffering from knee pain. Whether it is caused by the IT band or patellar tendon. With 7 zones of compression, this sleeve compresses both the upper and lower patellar zones, ITB zone and the muscles of the lower quad and upper calf. The Performance Knee Sleeve does a great job of stabilizing the patella and improving circulation for recovery and healing. As with all OS1st products, the Performance Knee Sleeve has an easy on fit for continuous support day or night, made from soft moisture wicking fabric, and can be worn comfortably under everyday apparel while walking or exercising for extra protection. This product is sized as well and we can help fit you to your proper size at the store.

We have found that all these products are great for runner’s and the nagging issues we often have to deal with. So, if you have a nagging issue and have a big race coming up or just want to keep running, come see us at Breakaway or contact us and we can help you assess what the issue may be and which OS1st product would be beneficial for you!