Garmin VivoSmart HR (Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor)

garmin vivosmart heart rateThe NEW Garmin Vivo Smart HR with wrist-based heart rate monitor is now available at both Breakaway Running stores for $149.99.

Some features of this new Garmin watch include:

  • Wrist-based heart rate – This new Elevate wrist heart rate technology measures your heart rate 24/7. No need for an uncomfortable and inconvenient heart rate strap. Heart rate training is great for measuring calories burned and the intensity of your workouts. The Vivosmart wrist-based heart rate watch can paired with other compatible devices and used as the heart rate monitor.
  • Smart Notifications – integrates with your phone notifications alerting you of income phone calls, text, email, calendar events, news, and other social media alerts (Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, etc.)
  • Resolution Management – Includes move bar and reminds you to keep moving and active throughout the day with vibration alerts
  • Music Control – manage your music selection from you watch. Great for switching up your music on the run.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility – The Vivosmart HR running watch automatically syncs with your phone to keep track of your daily activity and stores your workouts into the Garmen Connect app. You can save, plan, view and share your activity with others. You can also view past activity history to compare your best, your first, and to set new fitness challenges.
  • Actity Tracker – Includes accelerometer to help keep track of your daily steps, distance, calories, heart rate, floors climbed and sleep pattern
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 5 days of battery life and includes rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Slick for all day wear
  • Touchscreen  – Easily manage and navigate your running watch during your workout with touchscreen compatibility
  • Find My Phone Compatibility
  • Light Weight – Only weights 1 oz (29.6 g)

Learn more about the Garmin Vivosmart heart rate watch: