Schweddy Belles of Breakaway Running

schweddy belles of breakaway runningThe Schweddy Belles of Breakaway Running welcome all levels of beginner runners to their fun group of walkers, woggers, joggers, and all speeds of runners. Whether you are just getting started, getting back into the groove, or looking for an easy paced group to run with, this group run has something and someone for everyone to run with!

The group usually meets four times a week throughout Memphis and tries to coordinate most of the runs with the Breakaway Running group runs. This running group typically runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 6 PM and Saturday mornings at 7 or 8 AM (colder weather – the group meets at 8 AM, warmer weather at 7 AM). The group run times and locations are updated on the Facebook page a day prior to the actual group run. Occasionally, The Schweddy Belles join other group runs in Memphis to change the scenery and for special occasions. We also enjoy running trails, so be on the lookout for these group runs as well.

Schweddy Belle Facebook Page

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