Our Fitting Process

Breakaway Running is known for many great things, one being our unique customer service and approach for fitting our runners in the running shoe that fits them and that is something that you can’t find online or at big-box stores.

Our shoe fitting process is designed to shape not only the anatomy of your feet, but also the type of running you plan on doing. It is important to be properly fit by an expert to eliminate common running injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and hamstring strains,etc.

In order to properly fit you, we follow this unique four-step process:

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Fitness & Injury History
When you come in for a fitting at Breakaway, we start the process by gathering information on your running history and goals, as well as any history of injuries to help guide our staff through selecting the appropriate running shoe.

Step 2: Analyze Your Walk or Jog (Gait Analysis)
A gait analysis is the process of evaluating your feet and analyzing how your body responds to movement. When you come in for a fitting, we may ask you to walk or jog in order to help us observe the structure and flexibility of your arch, the height and width of your feet, and other key observations like your foot strike. This helps our staff determine if you will need extra support or not and what type of shoe is best for you (neutral, stability, motion control, etc.).

Step 3: Help You Select a Running Shoe
Once we have determined which type of shoe is best for you, we then help you select a running shoe by bringing you several options, including various brands and colors and let you take them for a test jog. Don’t worry! We’ll help you narrow down the selection, but know that you are a key player in our fitting process – the more feedback that you can provide us, the better fitting we can provide you.

Note: We do the entire process by eye, knowledge, and experience and do not conduct the fitting process using a treadmill or machine. Why not? When you run on a treadmill, it tends to force you to run differently than how you would when running naturally on the pavement, track or trails.

Step 4: 30-day-trial
Something that you will rarely find at an athletic store, much less a specialty running store, is the ability to test a running shoe for 30 days. It is important that when you leave our store after a fitting that you leave satisfied and with the running shoe that is going to work for you in the long run. You can learn more about our exchange policy here.

What to expect for a custom shoe fitting at Breakaway

  • Timing • The entire fitting process should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. In order to allow our fitting experts enough time to get to you know you as a runner, examine your gait, and find the perfect shoe for you, we ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to our closing time.
  • What to Bring • It helps our fitting experts accurately fit you for a running shoe if you bring a pair of your old running shoes. It is key in the process that these running shoes only be used for running. It helps our staff examine any patterns or impact that affects your running.

If you have additional questions or concerns you can contact us.

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